Acne treatment with AviClear

AviClear is an award-winning laser that treats acne without any complex medications or harsh chemicals. Clinical trials have shown that with only three 50 minute sessions 87% of patients achieved at least 50% clearance of acne, all without any downtime. 

Luma Clinic is the only clinic in Nova Scotia that offers AviClear after it received FDA clearance in early 2022. 

Patient before and after image after aviclear treatment in halifax

 How AviClear works

The AviClear treatment uses a laser to target oil glands so they produce less oil over time. The laser suppresses the  targeted sebaceous glands which in turn result in less breakouts and acne over time. Since the laser uses a specific 1726 nm wavelength  there is no damage or impact to the rest of the skin. 

The  treatment schedule consists of three 50 minute treatments spaced 4-6 weeks apart. It can be used on the face, shoulders, back, and chest areas. The treatment is performed by a registered nurse or physician.

There is mild discomfort described as a snap of an elastic band. Most patients find the treatment tolerable. Topical is discouraged prior to the procedure as it can decrease the efficacy of the treatment.  During the procedure AviCool is used to ensure skin cooling occurs to enhance procedural comfort. 

What results can you expect?

Results can appear after the first treatment, but the full results are visible 3-4 weeks after the 3rd treatment. Some patients will still experience flare ups after the first treatment (similar to Accutane), but these should go away with time. 

During clinical research 87% of patients treated with AviClear had at least half of their acne resolve with a 90% response rate. Results continue to improve several months after your last treatment.

AviClear states that 76% of patients reported being satisfied or very satisfied 6 months after their final third treatment. The results from the treatment continue to be maintained 2 years post treatment course. 

aviclear effects before and after 6 months since the last treatment

Cost of AviClear

The cost of AviClear is approximately $4000 for all 3 treatments. The $150 consultation fee for new patients is waived for AviClear procedures. 

Safety and after effects

AviClear is safe for any skin type, skin tone, age, and acne severity. 

Some patients experience a mild redness or light swelling that can last from 1 - 48 hours after treatment. 

Patients must be over 18 to be treated at Luma Clinic. 

The laser is FDA cleared and is manufactured by medical device company Cutera. Cutera is a decades old company based in America that also produces devices for body sculpting, acne scarring, skin revitalization and vascular lesion.

We recommend using a gentle cleanser and a 30+ SPF sunscreen for a week post treatment. Avoiding saunas, hot tubs, skin irritants, and direct sunlight is recommended. 

young male before and after aviclear photos