Sylfirm X - RF Microneedling Halifax

Sylfirm X is the newest machine at Luma Clinic arriving in January 2023. The RF microneedling device can treat over 12 types of skin conditions, but its ability to treat skin laxity and tighten the skin is unmatched.

 Sylfirm X RF microneedling machine (blue and gold colored)

 Sylfirm treatment on a patients forehead

How Sylfirm RF Microneedling works

Sylfirm is a handheld microneedling tool that can be used on the face and body. It has a small robotic arm that gently passes 25 tiny gold plated needles into the skin.

It differentiates itself from similar treatments by delivering a burst of radio frequency energy below the surface of the skin. This form of thermal energy forms a teardrop shape below the skin (known as the “NA” effect), this lets the tool reach deeper into the dermis and promotes more coagulation.

After Sylfirm passes an area, the skin will begin to heal itself. During the healing process will produce a significant amount of collagen, leading to a more youthful, firmer skin.

The treatment works on all skin types and colours. However the process cannot be used on tattooed skin.

Conditions Sylfirm can treat

Skin rejuvenation: Wrinkles, enlarged pores, fine lines, rhytides and skin laxity

Pigmentation: Melasma and minimize vascular pigmentation

Scars: Atrophic scars, acne scars, stretch marks, atrophic scars, and hypertrophic scars

Body rejuvenation: Double chin, turkey neck, and décolletage

Vascular lesions: diffuse Redness, rosacea and telangiectasia

Skin Texture & Tone: Redness, minimizing pores, flushing

Eye: Eye bag reduction, eyelid tightening

Sylfirm X excels at a variety of treatments, sometimes another procedure might be more effective or better suited for various patients needs. This is why a consultation  with a physician must be done prior to receiving any treatments at the Luma Clinic.

Does micro needling hurt?

Since everyone's pain threshold is different and Sylfirm has a variety of different application heads, it can be difficult to put a firm estimate on the pain level of a Sylfirm treatment. 

On the lowest depth setting during a facial rejuventation treatment, most patients find Sylfirm on the lower end of the pain threshold exhibiting a prickling sensation. Acne scarring treatment with Sylfirm can be more painful and additional measures will be taken by our nurses to maximize comfort.

A topical numbing cream is applied before the treatment to ensure maximum comfort. A registered nurse will check in regularly and can make adjustments to the procedure.

Compared to similar RF Microneedling devices, Sylfirm is one of the least painful. It's robotic arm linearly and smoothly applies the tiny needles to the skin, unlike competitor's more rudimentary solenoid based motors. The gold tipped uninsulated needles are significantly smaller than other RF micorneedling products.  

How long is the process and when will I see results?

Prior to your treatment you will have a topical numbing cream applied for approximately 60 minutes. The Sylfirm treatment, which is performed by a registered nurse takes anywhere between 30 minutes (eyes area only) to just over an hour (face and neck).

Depending on the condition treated, significant improvements will be evident in 3 sessions. Meslama or Hyperpigmentation patients can expect to see a 20-30% reduction in pigmentation in a single session according to clinical studies.  

How long will the results last

It’s difficult to put a blanket estimate on how long Sylfirm treatments can last without knowing the type of treatment, area, age of the patient, and environmental factors. 

Ongoing Maintenance treatments are required. Depending on the treatment plan it could be 2-3 treatments a year.

During the initial consultation a more accurate estimate can be given.

Wearing sunscreen and maintaining a recommended skin care routine can significantly increase how long micro-needling treatments like Sylfirm last.  

After care / Downtime

Since everyone reacts differently one of our nurses or doctors will be able to walk through what to expect post treatment. After the treatment, skin will show a pinkness / redness to the applied areas for approximately for 12 hours to 3 days. 

After going through the Sylfirm process it's recommended to avoid the sun, pools, hot tubs, and touching your face for at least a day. 

24 hours after treatment it is recommended to gently cleanse the skin, apply a  mineral-based sunscreen like Elta MD 41. Avoid the sun if possible and heavy exercises that induces excessive sweating. 

Avoid use of active ingredients including retinol, salicylic/glycolic acid, and vitamin C serum for at least 3 days.

nurses using sylfirm machine
patient receiving sylfirm on forehead

Book a Sylfirm Consultation

The fastest way to book is by calling (902) 425-2956 Monday to Friday 8am to 2:30pm.

A $150.00 consultation fee will be charged for your first appointment. This fee is deducted from any future procedure performed at Luma Clinic.