Conditions treated at Luma Clinic

Everyone's skin is different and every procedure requires a consultation. Sometimes there are alternative or more effective treatments available to you. Please come speak to our doctors for a full assessment

Fat reduction

Body contouring: CoolScuplting targets and eliminates stubborn fat

Double chin: Belkyra decrease the appearance of fullness under the chin

Excessive sweating

Underarm, palm, forehead, scalp: Excessive sweating can be temporarily treated using Botox injections


Eyelashes: Latisse can make your eyelashes longer, thicker, and darker

Hair loss: PRP can help stimulate hair thickening and regrowth in men and women


Wrinkles and lines: Luma offers dermal fillers, anti-wrinkle injections, SkinPen, resurfacing laser, and NCTF boost to combat aging related wrinkles and lines

Sun damage: Dark pigmentation, brown spots, and other sun related damage can be treated with IPL and Clear + Brilliant

Acne scarring: SkinPen and ProFractional Laser treatments can be used to improve acne scarring

Uneven skin texture: Rough skin texture, enlarged pores, sun damage, and aging can lead to uneven skin texture. Microneedling, Clear + Brilliant and pro-fractional laser are the preferred treatments for uneven skin textures

Rosacea:  Excel V laser can treat facial redness caused by prominent blood vessels that are often seen in patients with Rosacea.  

Facial contouring: Subtle and natural changes to shape the contour of your face can be done by using dermal fillers, botox in the masseter muscles and even Belkyra or CoolSculpting under the chin. 

Thin lips: Lips can be enhanced or restored with temporary tissue filler

Red spots: Excel V laser can treat red spots on the face and body such as cherry angiomas or spider veins

Brown spots:  Brown spots can be caused by sun damage and aging skin  Depending on the concern and your skin type  Clear + Brilliant or IPL might be the solution

Broken blood vessels: Excel V laser can treat broken blood vessels on face and body 

Angiomas: The Excel V laser can treat these small vascular lesions

Venous lakes:  These Small, blue to purple venules are commonly seen on the lip face or ears and can be treated with the Excel V laser 

Red scars: Decrease redness around scaring using the Excel V laser

Leg veins: Small spider veins can be treated with an Excel V laser

Port wine stains: Reduced the appearance of port wine stains with the Excel V laser